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The next insane chapter in our first ever ALL ORIGINAL comic series, featuring the legendary stars of horror cinema!  This issue also features our FIRST EVER ORIGINAL SOUNTRACK ALBUM, composed and performed by Dave Neabore, chief songwriter and bass player of the infamous New Jersey hip hop rock band DOG EAT DOG!  The legendary Dog is still on tour after all these years and kicking ass… and Dave’s kicked ALL THE ASS on our comic book soundtrack, providing a retro style score that is also cutting edge.  Think John Carpenter having babies with Tangerine Dream by way of Marylin Manson and Motley Crue, hit with nitro and TNT!   Yes, it’s vintage synth horror and heavy metal badessery, all rolled up in a mind-smashing tour de force that will shock yoir senses and KILL YOUR STEREO.  Seriously, folks, this is an incredible soundtrack for our most incredible comic yet!  Check out this sample here.

Be sure to get your copy of the album, which comes only in the SIGNATURE SOUNDTRACK EDITION.  JUST 300 COPIES have been pressed!  THEY WILL GO FAST!