About Us/Behind The Scenes

EIBON PRESS was founded in 2016 by SHAWN LEWIS and STEPHEN ROMANO as a publishing alternative to the mainstream of comic books.  Combining highly collectible prestige packaging with top of the line printing, Eibon specializes in high end graphic novel style SINGLE ISSUE COMIC BOOKS, which each come encased in special propitiatory album sleeves, sealed and sticker by hand in shrink wrap like collectible record albums.  Eibon is the home of Fulci Comics, a fully licensed series of movie tie-in comic books, based on the most popular horror films of the late Italian movie maestro Lucio Fulci, such as ZOMBIE, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (GATES OF HELL), THE BEYOND and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY.  Eibon also houses VHS COMICS, a nostalgia-obessed line of comics featuring adaptions and expansions of cult favorite video titles of the 1980s, such as MANIAC and LASERBLAST.  Eibon also does original titles, beginning in 2017 with the early awaited BOTTOMFEEDER.

STEPHEN ROMANO is a screenwriter, author and illustrator, whose many credits include, Showtime’s Emmy winning anthology series MASTERS OF HORROR, the highly-acclaimed novels BLACK LIGHT, RESURRECTION EXPRESS, METRO and SHOCK FESTIVAL. He is the writer, editor, art director and lettering artist of every Eibon comic book.

SHAWN LEWIS is the founder of Rotten Cotton Graphics, a legendary purveyor of quality, hand crafted horror merchandise.  Shawn is also a writer and producer, with over 30 years of experience in the arena of horror/exploitation merch and mail order.  Shawn is Eibon’s executive publisher, in charge of distribution, licensing, promotions and manufacturing. He is also the co-author of BOTTOMFEEDER, Eibon’s flagship original title.

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to check out an awesome look behind the scenes of our comic book production and manufacturing process:

EIBON is a by-the-fans-for-the-fans operation, existing entirely off the radar of traditional publishing or self-pubbing platforms.  Published bi-monthly, one issue at a time, every Eibon book  is created to the highest standards of excellence, and their commitment to a one-on-one interaction with customers and fans is unique.  Eibon comics and books are made DIRECTLY AVAILABLE to customers through the shop link in this website.  They cannot be bought in stores.  This bypasses what Stephen and Shawn believed to be an unfair advantage given to the majors by big monopoly distribution outlets.  And by creating more value in each issue produced, Eibon Press does something no other independent publisher even dreams of: Their mission is to make owning and collecting SINGLE ISSUE COMICS GREAT AGAIN!

Eibon books are ONLY sold in single issues.  There are no trade paperbacks or graphic novel collections of this stuff.  Which is why they make each issue an event and a collector’s item!  CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to learn more about how Stephen and Shawn came to do business:

The Eibon Press Ideal combines much of what is best of many words: Horror fans, comic fans, collectible freaks . . . but in the end, it is QUALITY STORYTELLING that drives the company.  Each issue is written, edited and lettered by Stephen himself and illustrated by the top artists working today.  Shawn both supervises and assembles each book BY HAND, at a level of quality control that is absolutely unprecidedted in the business of publishing. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW for an insight into the process:

Because of the intimate nature of our creative team and the hand-crafted aspects of each book, Eibon Press comics are also extremely limited in their print runs, with only 1,000 of each issues 2 editions being made and hand assembled.  (For each issue 1,000 SIGNATURE EDITION copies are offered, with another 1,000 STANDARD EDITION copies available at a lower price.)  They are also real cheap for what you get. But don’t take our word for it.  All you have to do is GOOGLE THE NAME, and the unanimous raves, articles and fan reactions that pour in will say it all.