In the town of San Lucifer, California, a dark pisshole filled with junkies, hookers and drug dealing perverts, lieutenant JOE ANGELL is king of the street slime. BUT TONIGHT… something far worse stalks the streets. It’s a toxic waste monster spawned from man’s greed, and it’s out for blood! Only Joe Angell knows the truth about the horrifying creature. But if THIS GUY is our only hope… GOD HELP US ALL.

From the infamous unproduced screenplay that proved unfilmable in Hollywood, BOTTOMFEEDER is THE FIRST ALL ORIGINAL COMIC SERIES from Eibon Press, and the first issue is a KING SIZED 60 page double, which gives you twice the value at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Plus, we have THREE EDITIONS, priced to fit every budget. Check out out store, staring at 7pm PST on Friday October 8 and get in on this EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION of just 300 signed copies and 700 UNSIGNED. It’s sure to be out most collectible comic yet, and check out all the extras you get too!





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