From out of deep space comes . . . LASERBLAST!

A psycho teenager with a death wish against his powerful father has stolen the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy, pursued by the cosmic cops in a breakneck space chase that crash lands in the scorching desert of California!  The battle that ensues will decide  the fate of humanity . . . for if the Kula-Zen Laserblaster falls into the wrong hands, it will mean doom and destruction for all!  And it looks like thing are already going pretty badly.  Because an earthling named Billy, who’s been pushed around all his life, is about to discover . . . THE POWER.  Whoever holds it in his hands will destroy anyone and everything in his path, and finally transform into a creature beyond evil!

Based on the 1978 drive-in classic movie that became a VHS era tape in rental stories of the early 1980s and later a classic episode of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000, our innovative adaptation of Charles Band’s LASERBLAST is a wild re-telling of the legendary “wolf man from outer space” story and a tribute to the glory days of analog video.  It’s an ongoing series, written by Eibon co-founder Stephen Romano and illustrated by incredible Eibon house artist Pat Carbajal.  But the fun doesn’t stop with just the amazing comic book art.  Remember this is VHS COMICS folks.  And so accompanying each issue’s full comic story is a wealth of VHS supplemental articles and pin ups that will laser blast your mind!  And, as always, the comic comes encased in our patented EIBON SLEEVE, with incredible alternate art by KYLE HOTZ AND JASON MOORE—plus jaw-dropping VHS style extras you won’t see in any other book!

LASERBLAST #1 will be available for pre-order RIGHT HERE on OCTOBER 13, 2017 at 7PM!  BE THERE!