LUCIO FULCI’S GATES OF HELL #3! Pre-Orders begin FEB 9!!!

Well the time has finally come!

LUCIO FULCI’S GATES OF HELL #3 brings this epic 3-part mini series to its stunning conclusion, and we’ve saved the best for last!  Not only is this the wettest, darkest, and most visually stunning issue of the series… but we’ve gone WAY out of our way to make it the most collectible!  It will be available in THREE EDITIONS, each with an incredible VARIANT COVER!  We’ve never done variant covers before, but we get a lot of requests for that.  See, all of our comics come in the Eibon Sleeve and each issue has a signature and standard edition.  (And in some rare cases a THIRD edition with something extra badass.) What usually makes each edition special is the EXTRAS inside each sleeve, from autographed art prints to trading cards and vinyl records.  BUT THIS TIME . . . not only will each edition have super cool extras… but the COVERS OF EACH ISSUE WILL BE TOTALLY DIFFERENT.  And INSANELY COLLECTIBLE.  Because each edition has been printed in extremely limited quantities.  Just 700, 500 and 300 copies respectively.  No other company on earth offers that level of collectibility.  And we’ve priced each edition reasonably, to fit every collector’s budget!  Let’s run you through what you get in each edition:


This is the main version of the issue.  At only 700 COPIES PRINTED—less than a THOUSAND—this is one of the most collectible comics ever made.  The price for this one is 29.95.  You get all the extras you see above, including the VINYL RECORD, which is a custom manufactured 5 inch single, containing the original GATES OF HELL theme from the classic 1980s film, licensed from composer FABIO FRIZZI and re-mastered from the original master tapes just for this release.  Plus SIDE TWO has an incredible cover version of Frizzi’s incidental score, performed by super rocker James Murphy!  It’s a stunning new rendition that will blow your brains out and eat your guts!  This mini-record comes in a specially designed sleeve jacket featuring the final haunting shot of the movie, plus a LINER NOTES BOOKLET filled with info!  5 INCH SINGLES are extremely rare. Only a few pressing plants on earth even make them anymore.  The cover price on this edition reflects our super high production costs… but if it’s too rich for your blood, our other editions will be perfect for your budget and they have great extras too.  The incredible variant cover on this one is GATES mainstay artist DEREK ROOK’S own vision of the film’s classic final confrontation between Mary Woodhouse and the un-dead demon priest Father Thomas.

And speaking of that guy…


The rarest of the printings, this is also something our fans have been screaming for.  At considerable expense, this awesome VARIANT COVER EDITION features new art by PAT CARBAJAL (LUCIO FULCI’S ZOMBIE, BOTTOMFEEDER, MANIAC), and each copy has been personally signed and NUMBERED by ME, Stephen Romano, the book’s author!  In the past, we’ve offered super limited edition autographed prints inside each signature issue… but from now on, all signature editions will be offered in extremely low quantities, and each copy will be signed RIGHT ON THE BACK COVER by the book’s creators!  This version also features a fold out mini-poster of the amazing sleeve art!  Signing each copy means a lot of extra hassle and expense, in terms of flying the books all over the country… but because you demanded it, we stepped up.  And we haven’t jacked up the price, either.  Each signature edition will be just 15 bucks, same as all our others have been in the past.  Because we care, baby!


Want more music???  Well, cool, we’ve got you covered.  For just TEN BUCKS, you can get our most affordable edition, also with an INCREDIBLE VARIANT COVER FEATURING CARTONIA MACOLL AS MARY WOODHOUSE… and it comes with a special extra you won’t get in any of the others:  A DOWNLOAD CARD that will plug you into a wealth of extended and bonus tracks from our own GATES OF HELL tribute soundtrack.  In addition to the full 8 minute non-abridged version of James Murphy’s performance from the vinyl, you’ll get hard rocking new songs from SKITZO and PENIS FLYTRAP, all inspired by THE GATES OF HELL!  This one will blow your fucking mind.  And it’s just ten bucks!


We also have a special super ridiculously limited edition PSYCHO FAN PACKAGE for this issue, in which you’ll be able to own ALL THREE EDITIONS WITH EVEN MORE INSANE EXTRAS.  This is for just a few select hardcores.  So watch this site and our feed for deets.  We will announce the PSYCHO FAN PACKAGE just a few days before GATES 3 goes live in our store.  A true Eibonite will NOT want to miss this one!

Oh yeah, kids . . . and don’t forget the INCREDIBLE outer EIBON SLEEVE which edition comes packaged in.  It contains KYLE HOTZ and JASON MOORE’s finest work for Eibon to date, TWO INCREDIBLE ALL NEW ORIGINAL GATES COVERS!  So in total, we’ve made FIVE COVERS for this bad bastard!  Plus teh VINYL! And the SIGNATURES! And the DOWNLOAD CARD! And… AND…. ANNNNNDDDD….

Arrrrgh.  It’s all too much.  How do we keep doing all this shit???

Ahem.  Well anyway….

PRE ORDERS BEGIN ON FEB. 9 at 7PM!  Shipping will begin in late March.

These are the most limited and collectible horror comics on the market and they will sell fast!  SO BE IN LINE FIRST!!!

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