Lucio Fulci’s GATES OF HELL #1 NOW ON SALE!!!



Lucio Fulci’s GATES OF HELL #1 is NOW ON SALE!!!!

It’s your first glimpse into our extended “Fulci-verse” which starts with this killer, long-awaited adaptation of the classic film CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD.  The saga will continue with two more issues in the GATES mini-series, and then even further, when we unveil THE BEYOND and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY!  These are comic projects unlike any other in the history of the medium and are guaranteed to blow your fucking mind!!!  Check out our awesome UNBOXING VIDEO for GATES OF HELL #1 to see what you get!  


As always, THESE BOOKS ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY STORE and come loaded with amazing extras that are unlike any comic book on the market today.And GATES OF HELL #1 comes with an incredible cover by Kyle Hotz and Jason Moore of The Punisher and Doctor Strange, just to name a couple.

This is Eibon’s finest release yet, with stunning art and a wild take on the “Fulci-verse” that fans will love!