Our launch yesterday was an overwhelming smash success.  The signed edition of 250 copies sold out in less than 24 minutes and the rest of the run sold out in less than 24 hours!  We had no idea the fans would come out in such force for this, and to be frank, we were a little underprepared.  Meaning that we really would have liked more fans to have this incredible historic comic book.  So we had an emergency meeting this morning at the Eibon compound and decided that we will be DOUBLING our print runs in the future.  That’s right . . . from now on, there will be 2,000 copies of each book offered on our website, starting with Issue # 2 of ZOMBIE.  In addition we will be offering more signed copies, so you’ll have a greater opportunity to own the limited edition.

Now we know what you’re probably saying.  Something like this, right?

“But WAIT, guys! I missed the first issue, so if I buy the second one, my collection will be totally incomplete, my life will be ruined and damn the communists and global warming and ARRRGGGGH!”

Well we’re fixing that too.

Not the global warming. Afraid we’re all fucked there.

But as far as our comics go . . .

At the same time Issue #2 goes up for pre-sale in SEPTEMBER, we’ll be offering a LIMITED SPECIAL RE-PRINT EDITION of issue #1!  This will be available in 1,000 copies, with 500 signed.  The re-print issue will feature new cover art and a new signed bookplate, making it different from the original printing.  This also makes the original printing even more rare and collectible, if you happen to already own one!

THAT WAY, there will eventually be 2,000 copies of each issue of ZOMBIE available, including #1.

WE WILL NOT OFFER A SECOND EDITION OF ANY OTHER ISSUE.  Just ZOMBIE #1, so that fans who missed out during our launch can have a second chance to own it. After that, it’s first-come, first-served for every other issue.

We are doing this because we realize that many of you were as surprised by the rush of sales as we were. This sort of comic publishing model is very new and we’re still working out the bugs.  We apologize that so many fans were unable to get their hands on this unique and historic comic book, but we want you to know that we care, and we’re listening to your feedback.  So we’re burning the midnight shit to make it happen for you!

Be here in September to get Issue #2 and issue 1 Reprint Special Edition!

And make sure you’re here early!

These new comic editions will also sell out really fast.

Meanwhile, those lucky souls who got the first printing of #1 can expect your comics delivered next month.  Shipping begins on July 25!  You are absolutely going to love these things!