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Our flagship horror series LUCIO FULCI’S ZOMBIE is returning this summer, with the final two issues of the OFFICIAL SEQUEL STORY, and you won’t wanna miss this!  In issues 5 and 6 we had some real shit going down, with new characters, new zombies, and new horrors in New York City and on MATOOL, the legendary island of the zombies . . . but now all that shit is totally about to hit the fan in issue #7, which sets up issue #8 and brings this whole amazing series to it’s insane, apocalyptic end!

And to celebrate, we’re trotting out FOUR VARIANT COVERS in FOUR INCREDIBLE EDITIONS!

Check out some exclusive new preview snippets from these badass covers BELOW . . .

SIGNATURE EDITION AND STANDARD EDITION with be available in a 700 copy run, with the first 300 signed and numbered by writer Stephen Romano!  It will feature the badass cover pictured above, with PAT CARBJAL’S INSANE “DEAD MAN’S ARMY” art, with Tisa Farrow as Ann Bowels!  This issue really ups the stakes, with an incredible new twist on the zombie mythology that will blow your mind!
SPECIAL UN-SLEEVED EDITION! Limited to just 300 copies (with just 200 copies available as a stand-alone item in our store, with the other 100 only available in our psycho fan package), this will be the first time we’ve offered a no-frills, un-sleeved version of one of our comics, at an even lower price!  You don’t get a sleeve or extra goodies with this version, but we’re still making it SUPER COL with a “VOODOO NIGHTMARE” variant cover by Pat Carbajal that will blow your mind! You’ll see that art soon too!
PSYCHO FAN EDITION, a usual, will be limited to just 100 copies, it will be loaded with special extra STUFF, and will have an all-new variant cover by the newest member of the Eibon family, HATCHET/FANGORIA artist Puis Calzada!  It will also, of course, contain the the un-sleeved edition. Keep an eye on our socials and your in-box and SUBSCRIBE TO THIS NEWSLETTER for all our latest updates!
EIBON SLEEVE VARIANT COVER.  And of course. the Signature, Signed and Psycho Fan all come in our Eibon Sleeve , as usual, with an incredible variant cover featuring LUCIO FULCI HIMSELF and WORMEYE’ from the classic ZOMBIE MOVIE POSTER. This one will knock your head off, guys!
LUCIO FULCI’S ZOMBIE #7 is a 32 PAGE EPIC, written by regular Eibon scribe Stephen Romano, illustrated by Eibon star house artist Pat Carbajal and colored by the baddest ass art-babe of Eibon Press, Bruna Costa.  And our covers are colored by Eibon’s original star color artist, the incomparable FATBOY!  The whole family is on board for this penultimate chapter of the OFFICIAL ZOMBIE SEQUEL series, setting up the epic finale, which will end it all in ISSUE #8!  You won’t want to miss this!  Nothing like it has ever been seen before!

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