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THE NEW YORK RIPPER made his first appearance in an Eibon comic series with MANIAC #2! But that’s just the beginning. He’ll be showing up again in MANIAC #3 to complete his shocking prequel story, by taking on Frank Zito for round two of MANIAC VS. THE NEW YORK RIPPER!

AND THAT’S STILL NOT ALL!  We’ve got a Ripper solo comic on the way, too!  It’s gonna be a gory one-shot single issue extravaganza, detailing the events of the film and even going BEYOND the film, deep in the mind of the infamous Ripper!  Designed to be the ultimate companion piece to the ultimate slasher whodunit of the 1980s, this book is a true fan’s delight and will tingle the most jaded gore hound’s sensibilities!   It is in the works now, and won’t be out until late 2019 or so . . . but you don’t have to put up with that!

So on BLACK FRIDAY, we’re rolling out an incredible NEW YORK RIPPER Preview Collector’s Set in celebration!  Check it:

The set is totally insane!  In it, you get:

A FOLDED, DOUBLE SIDED 11X17 NEW YORK RIPPER POSTER, featuring Par Carbajal’s stunning original artwork!

A VINYL PICTURE FLEXI DISC SINGLE OF THE SOUNDTRACK OF THE UPCOMING COMIC, with incredible art and a stunning new version of the classic movie theme by Another dead Junkie. Check out the video above to hear some of it. This tune smokes!

There are only 1,000 sets available, and the first 500 are signed and numbered, with a FACTORY NUMBERED COLLECTOR’S VIP TICKET that will allow you to save 10 percent off the retail price when we put THE NEW YORK RIPPER one-shot comic in our store!


No self-respecting Eibonite can be without this amazing set!  PLUS we have a big Black Friday sale, and some MORE cool shit coming your way too!  Keep it here on MONDAY to discover some ALL NEW MANIAC MERCH!  Those of you who ordered MANIAC #2 PSYCHO FAN EDITION got a special bonus, which was this amazing ANNA D/ANTONI ENAMEL PIN:

Well, let’s just say Anna is just the beginning . . .

Moo-hoo, hah-hah!