You can lock your door. But you can’t lock the madman OUT OF YOUR MIND!


Frank Zito has a little problem.  He loves girls.  He loves his mother.  And they all tell him to do really awful things.  Walking the line between nightmare and insanity, between happiness and hallucination, Frank’s desperate acts of love and loyalty to the dark specters of his own twisted mind bring about the bloodiest and most bizarre crimes in the history of New York City.  Why does he do it?  Where does he come from?  We may never know for sure.  Frank is, after all, one hell of an unreliable narrator. But one thing is certain: Once you’ve delved deep into the warped mind of Frank Zito, you will never feel clean again . . .

Based on the cult classic horror film of 1980 which became one of the top selling VHS rentals of all time, MANIAC is a comic book designed to blow the minds and upset the stomachs of even the most die hard horror freaks.  The classic character of Frank Zito, as written and portrayed by the legendary character actor JOE SPINELL, is meticulously, painfully, terrifyingly re-created in comic form by artist PAT CARBAJAL and explored in even deeper, crazier depths by Eibon Press co-founder/writer STEPHEN ROMANO.  Officially licensed from the film’s creators and adapted from Spinell and director William Lustig’s original screenplay, this is the ultimate tribute to the CLASSIC MOVIE which started it all.  Yeah, we dig the remake with Elijah Wood . . . but Joe was first, and here you’ll see and experience him as you’ve never seen him before!  It’s an ongoing series that begins with the film adaptation and continues, as the twisted adventures of the MANIAC live on!

And remember this is VHS COMICS folks.  And so accompanying each issue’s full comic story is a wealth of VHS supplemental articles and pin ups! And, as always, the comic comes encased in our patented EIBON SLEEVE, with incredible alternate art by KYLE HOTZ AND JASON MOORE—plus mind-blowing VHS style extras you won’t see in any other book!

MANIAC #1 will be available for pre-order RIGHT HERE on OCTOBER 13, 2017 at 7PM! BE THERE!

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  1. Reply hsoj sivad August 31, 2017 at 2:40 am

    Must have!

  2. Reply ScaRy March 18, 2018 at 10:58 am

    I had never seen the movie until after viewing this ish…………… looked it up and found the movie in its entirety on YouTube … absolutely freaking kool ass movie… very glad I picked this up… sweet comic that does the movie justice…

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