The most eagerly anticipated horror comics crossover in years is NOW ON SALE!

That’s, of course, MANIAC #2, featuring the first exciting, blood-soaked chapter of MANIAC VS. THE NEW YORK RIPPER!  This 40 page KING SIZED ISSUE is a motherfucker, with TWO COMPLETE STORIES.  The first is the CHAPTER TWO continuation of our faithful film adaptation, in which the legendary scream queen Caroline Munro “guest stars” as ANNA D’ANTONI, Frank’s new girlfriend!  But if you think you know the whole story, think again! Frank and Anna have some untold adventures yet to be seen, and you’ll see them all in this issue!  Next up is CHAPTER THREE, which is the first round of the Ripper Maniac crossover battle, and let me tell you folks, it delivers the goods!  It’s a gory glory standoff you will never in a million real time years forget!  AND DON’T FORGET . . . This issue is just ROUND ONE.  Our third and final issue of MANIAC will follow this one directly in December, and will finish the film adaptation and the Riper Maniac battle.  Hot damn, huh????

Altogether, the MANIAC three part series is a 120 PAGE HORROR SPECTACULAR, unlike anything in teh history of movie comics.  We know ypu’ll want to own all three issues!  And check out the PSYCHO FAN PACKAGE for ISSUE 3:

You get a lot of stuff for your sixty bucks . . . or you can just get a signature or standard edition.  They’re all priced to fit every budget!

fit every budget.  And while you’re at it, check out the other insane comics we have on tap.  It’s fun for the whole family.  If your family is teh MANSON family.

(With apologies to James Ellroy.)


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