The SAGA OF THE 7 GATES begins with GATES OF HELL #1 on February 10!



Welcome to HELL, kids.  On February 10, we are rolling out the first issue of our epic 13 part SAGA OF TEH 7 GATES series, based on the most revered films of Lucio Fulci.  After many years of negations and hard work, we have officially liecenecd these movies and we’re now bringing them to you has you’ve never seen them before.  Check out what we have in store for you:


Yes, ALL THISE MOVIES!  We have them all, and you won’t believe how cool and nasty this all is!!  Just check out this awesome preview page from GATES 1:


PRE ORDERS for this historic first issue begin at 7pm SHARP.  So get there early to get yours.  Our comics always sell out, and the few we still have in stock are in extremely limited supply.  SO GET YOURS WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD!