Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE! And a NEW DAWN!


Welcome to the new EIBON PRESS WEBSITE!

A little over ONE YEAR AGO, we went live at this address.  We think we’ve had a pretty good year so far and we’re very grateful to all our fans, supporters and collaborators who’ve made Eibon such a success.  But, you know, we’re still down there in the trenches.  Still playing rock and roll in small clubs.  We’re still fighting in the streets.  We want to keep this BY THE FANS AND FOR THE FANS . . . and so many of you have come out of the woodwork to show your love for RETRO STYLE COMICS MADE FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM.  It blows our fucking minds, to say the least!  Since DAY ONE, we’ve been working hard to come up with new products, books, sales concepts and innovative packaging ideas that will continue to make collecting SINGLE ISSUE COMIC BOOKS COOL AGAIN . . . and, hopefully, all this crazy stuff keep you coming back and checking out our ongoing street fight.  And while we’re fighting the good fight, we listen to all your feedback too.  A goal for us at the ONE YEAR MARK was to streamline and modernize our website a bit.  Our original FULCI COMICS oriented main page needed revising for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we are MOVING FORWARD with many new things past the Fulci books, and we wanted the site to reflect that versatility.  Now, every month, you’ll see new and exciting previews for all our crazy new crap, as we make some killer announcements about new projects and licenses we KNOW you’re gonna love!

We begin with our new era of LUCIO FULCI’S ZOMBIE, staring with issue #5, in which an amazing new look and story is introduced to the series.  It’s an epic sequel to the film that will not only (hopefully) blow your mind with it’s killer, EPIC continuation of these beloved characters, but bring you into a whole new era of Eibon in terms of production, design and artwork.  We’re not kidding, folks, this issue really and truly BEGINS Eibon at it’s finest and most accomplished.  We’ve spent a year learning how to work this machine and now we’re trotting out our best work ever, from the art to final product.  This book is absolutely the most proud I’ve ever been as a comic writer editor and letterer, and it contains our most vivid, on-target illustration yet, from our incredible new guy Pat Carbajal.  You have to check this guy out.  He rules.  AT THIS WEBSITE YOU CAN SEE THE RANGE AND SHEER VOLUME OF HIS OUTPUT.  Pat is the man.  And while you’re checking him out, never forget our incredible house colorist CHRIS HALL, AKA FATBOY, who lays it the FUCK DOWN.  Chris and Pat are doing the work of their careers with us, and we are damn happy with that.

ZOMBIE 5: FULCI’S INFERNO begins pre-orders AUGUST 11!  It is destined to be our most talked about and in-demand issue yet!

Then, in October, we finally debut VHS COMICS, our killer new imprint which we’ve been developing for over a year.

This series is a real tapehead’s wet dream come true.  (Or nightmare?)   Our first two titles are so VHS-cenntric that it’s gonna blow your mind.  First, we have two of the most beloved films of the VHS era to start things of—with TWO INSANE ISSUES released on the SAME DAY!  That’s MANIAC and LASERBLAST, kids!

MANIAC has been our most requested and talked about comic book yet.  Based on the classic William Lustig shocker starring Joe Spinell, this first issue begins with a really sleazy, gory bang.  Hit our FACEBOOK PAGE (and like us!) for some incredible samples of Pat’s art for this issue.  It’s a killer.  And we even have an incredible VHS COMICS interview with Lustig himself in this issue, who runs it down for all the hardcores about how he survived the 80s and 90s ages of VHS home video!  It’s a no-holds-barred sit down wit hone of horror most legendary directors and one of home videos most legendary champions.  This issue has got it all, folks!  Seriously.

LASERBLAST, which is technically the first ever produced issue of VHS COMICS (we just got them in from the printer and they are GORGEOUS!) is also set to blow your mind.  It’s a wild re-invention of the classic shlocker from Charles Band, in his pre-Empire, pre-Full Moon days, as a drive in movie maverick/early VHS pioneer.  And in addition to the incredible new art and story that REMAKES THE FILM in a way NEVER SEEN BEFORE, we have tons of extras, VHS articles, sketchbook pages and MORE!

EACH ISSUE OF VHS COMICS comes in a SPECIAL EDITION that features some of the coolest, most innovative comic book packaging ever seen. We’re heading back to the analog ages, kids, to make something really special for you.  each issue will contain a collectible VHS BOX with amazing custom artwork, created just for the box!

And what’s next after that you ask?

Well, on HALLOWEEN, we have a MANIAC announcement that is going to KILL YOU, folks!  WE have a special issue in the works that goes where no other horror movie comic has EVER gone.  You’re gonna love this!

What is our HALLOWEEN SECRET?  Stay tuned . . .

AND . . . as we mentioned . . . some killer new books are on the horizon.  We have TWO MORE VHS COMICS titles to announce, and let me tell you, kids, these are the ones you’ve been fucking SCREAMING for.  Heh heh heh.

Plus, Fulci comics will still be going strong, with out SAGA OF THE 7 GATES, featuring adaptions of HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, THE BEYOND and MORE!  We also have a few amazing surprises for you there!

And finally . . .

Shawn and I have been developing BOTTOMFEEDER for well over 8 years now.  It’s our first comic collaboration, and what we started this company to bring you in the first place.  The FIRST ISSUE is indeed coming this year, and it’s a double-king sized badass motherfucker which gives you all the bang you can imagine for your buck.  Head over HERE to check out a preview of BF and see what all the hype is about.  Many people have been waiting for this one, too, and we’re really proud of what it is.  PLUS, Shawn and I have been developing an ALL NEW series, which we’ll start talking about soon.

So thanks again, folks, for hanging in there and supporting us.  We put every dime you spend back into this company, and we do it to give you the comics YOU MANIAC ALWAYS WANTED!


—Stephen Romano

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