BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT!  The legendary first issue of Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE is back in an all new printing fresh off the presses, and you can finally complete your collection, with ALL FIVE ISSUES.  This is our THIRD PRINTING of this issue, and it comes in a new, dazzling sleeve cover that will eat all the other comic books on your shelf alive!  IT’S ON SALE NOW AT OUR STORE… BUT HURRY!  This issue has already sold out two printings!  The first printing sold out in less than 24 hours!  It is, bar none, our most popular comic issue to date, and the demand has been HUGE for this third reprint.

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And as a special thank you to all the new fans out there who want to build their ZOMBIE collection, we’re making this INSANE SPECIAL OFFER for the LAST THREE DAYS of 2018 ONLY:

Yes, that’s right!  Buy any five titles, and we’ll ship it to ya free!  Doesn’t even have to be a ZOMBIE issue.  Wanna buy five copies of MANIAC #1 or GATES OF HELL or LASERBLAST?  Mix and match?  You can do that too!

It’s our way of saying thanks for a great year!

And JUST WAIT until you see what’s coming next, kids.  2018 is going to eat your brain!

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