So, our first graphic novel collection has been a moderate success. We’re really happy that all the Eibonites and Psycho Fans showed up to support this one, but frankly the production process was expensive and hectic. We had printing challanges, shipping hassles and a ton of other behind-the-scenes adventures in getting this book out. And as a result, we ended up with a limited number of books we deemed “un-sellable,” because they arrived from the printer in less-than-pristine condition. The damage to these books was not exactly terrible, but with our standards of excellence and customer satisfaction, we couldn’t, in good conscience, package these and sell them at the regular asking price.

What we CAN DO, is offer them at a discount, to a select few Fulci fans who really want to own our first collection and don’t mind a bent corner or two!

So we’re offering these bad boys at just 25 BUCKS each, unsleeved, with no extras.  CLICK THIS LINK TO ORDER! You still get the dust jacket and it’s still a swell 120 page hardcover book, with the highest quality printing and binding.  All pages are intact and untorn.  But there’s some minor wear and tear on the spines and/or covers.  (The kind that happens when overworked postal carriers drop an entire shipment of boxes on hard concrete, for example.  Goddammit.)

These are still part of the LIMITED 500 COPY RUN, so they are still super rare and totally collectible.

Here’s a look at what the “damage” to most of these is like:


That ain’t so bad really. But we don’t feel right charging too much for these, so you get a super cool deal on the rarest, most amazing graphic novel in horror movie history!

But get on it now.  We only have a small number of damaged copies, and these will probably go quickly.

And keep it here all throughout 2019, kids!

We’ve got some amazing new stuff headed your way!



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